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Worldwide - Rayne: Shoes for the Stars by Michael Pick. ACC Editions (2015).

Rayne is the name synonymous with the best in British 20th-century shoe design. Re-launched as a British-owned company in 2013, the remarkable design achievements of the company in the 20th-century are illustrated in this sumptuous book. Silvercanvas created around a quarter of the close up shoe pictures for this book and it's back cover. Silvercanvas photos were also distributed in press packs and featured by many magazines globally (Vogue, Glamour etc) to publicize the book. Find out more about the book and Rayne Shoes at Amazon

Worldwide - Fetish Goddess: Dita Von Teese by Dita Von Teese / Peter W. Czernich (Marquis). Titan Books (reprint 2010). 15 pages 108-123 + back cover

Worldwide - Burlesque and the Art of the Teese by Dita Von Teese - Regan Books (Burlesque Pages 18,19 - Fetish Pages 24,26,69 - 2006)

Belgium - Secret Magazine issue #29
(A feature - 6 full pages - April 2006)

England - Collective Magazine
(cover - March 2006)

Italy - "A" Magazine
(Spring 2006)

Germany - Solitaire Magazine
(cover - December 2005)

Dita Von Teese...

Silvercanvas have a close association with Dita Von Teese and often shoot for her website (www.dita.net)

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Henry Jaremko
AKA George Bone
AKA silvercanvas

Pictured above with an old vintage Mamiya C220.


Started out in photography

1977 to '79
Taking pictures of many
punk/alternative type bands in action...

Finished academic studies

Photographed a variety of subjects often Goth themed stuff in cemeteries!

Discovered aptitude and interest in Glamour and Hollywood style female portraiture. Became addicted to film noir and it's stylings.

Inspired by Gil Elvgren and other retro pin up artists attempted to emulate their pin up styles.

Association with Dita Von Teese a natural progression. Developed Photography further including documenting several of Dita's burlesque shows as well as much studio and other work.


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