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Henry (aka Silvercanvas) operated a boudoir photography business called Studio Boudoir (using the old website domain - no longer owned or related to Silvercanvas) from his studio in East Yorkshire between 2008 and 2014 when it closed down. It offered his photography skills for hire, and many customers enjoyed photoshoots during this period.

However, the business faced significant challenges due to its rural location. Moreover, the market for professional boudoir photography was shrinking due to the publics falling disposable income (caused by harder economic times) and the increasing popularity of smartphones. Many people opted to take DIY boudoir photos using these phones, a cheaper option. Although they couldn't match the quality of professional images, makeovers and wardrobe options, the low cost was sufficient for many to satisfy their needs. Increasingly, only city centre studios and mobile services that provided maximum convenience could sensibly make a profit due to greater footfall. Henry was not willing to relocate the business to a city centre and his unique use of classic hot lights rather than flash for the photography made mobile services impractical at the time. All of these factors, in combination with Henry moving in different directions, sadly caused the final closure of Studio Boudoir in 2014.


If you are one of the many who were a customer of Studio Boudoir and wish to order reprints or have any other requirements please contact us using the Silvercanvas contact page. All online galleries have now been removed for customers security and privacy purposes. Contact us if you are a past customer and need access. All Studio Boudoir photoshoots remain safely archived in case past customers require them.


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